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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Coolababy Snap Button - RM28/pc with 2 inserts

Now RM25/pc - Promotion Price

Normal Price RM28/pc with 2 inserts (market price can reach up to RM35/pc)
Contact me for more details...

Since this is our first batch, HARGA are on promotion. Check them out! =)
new color : atoll blue, jasmine green. violet

RM26/pc with 2 insert - 2 insert okey!
Available Color:
Green: 5pcs
White: 2pcs
 Mint: 5pcs
 Pink: 3pcs
Yellow: 3pc
Pale Blue: 1pc

Blue: out of stock
Purple: out of stock
Jasmine Green : out of stock
Orange: out of stock
 Violet: out of stock
Red: out of stock  
Atoll Blue: out of stock

Grab now while stocks last!

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